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Challenges facing pharmacists and solving them through “ Rubik Care application”

Challenges facing pharmacists and solving them

through “ Rubik Care application”



1- The role of the pharmacist in society.

2- Challenges facing the pharmacist.

3- Solutions provided by Rubik Care.

4- Join the Rubik Care platform.


  1. The role of the pharmacist in society

Let us first ask a question, who is the first person to have any medical question in the public?

The definitive answer will be” the pharmacist”, who is the first destination for all of society when they face a problem or any medical question.

 Therefore, the pharmacist has an important and pivotal role in the life of the citizen, hence the importance of the pharmacist and the role of the pharmacy in giving the patient information in the best way, whether giving him a non-prescription medicine or directing him to the specialized doctor for his condition.

  1. Challenges facing pharmacies and pharmacists


  1. Attracting clients to new branches

One of the things that are always on the mind of the pharmacist is the financial expenses when opening a new branch, when the branch will make a profit, and how to attract the largest number of customers to the pharmacy.

  1. Financial management

In the event that a pharmacist has more than one branch, he always wants to record and add income and expenses, and to record salaries, rent, bills, etc.

  1. Lack of clarity in medical prescriptions

Lack of clarity in the prescription may result in the wrong medication being prescribed.

  1. The possibility of dispensing the wrong dose due to the lack of clarity of the prescription for the pharmacist

This part makes a big conflict arise between the pharmacist and the doctor, as some pharmacists may have to take out the wrong dose of a drug due to the lack of clarity in the doctor’s handwriting . He may take out the alternative for the lack of clarity in the doctor’s handwriting , relying on the patient’s question about his illness.



  1. Solutions Provided by Rubik Care

a) Add pharmacy data and manage branches from anywhere

 Rubik Care platform provides pharmacists with the ability to manage their multiple pharmacy branches using one account from anywhere and from any device.

The person in charge of the pharmacy can add all the information about the pharmacy, how to reach it, and the available phone numbers.

b) Attracting new customers to the pharmacy and to new branches in particular

 Owners of pharmacies in their new branches especially struggle with attracting customers in the beginning, That is why some have recently resorted to use healthcare applications in the pharmacy to attract new customers quickly, and this is what Rubik Care has provided.

 c) Electronic prescriptions

Through Rubik Care, doctors can write the prescription and save it in the patient’s file electronically, and it can also be redirected to the nearest pharmacy, thus the pharmacy guarantees a clear prescription with everything clear.

  1. Correctly adjust patient doses

The pharmacist can receive the prescription from the doctor electronically, so the prescription is clearly defined and written electronically, thus ensuring that the patient is given the correct dose away from the error caused by the lack of clarity in the prescription.

  1. Increase the satisfaction of your customers with the service provided

 Rubik Care platform provides the customer with an easy and unique experience, as in a few seconds he can order the drug he wants, and the customer can easily track his order through the platform. Consequently, customer satisfaction with the service provided by the platform and the pharmacy increases.

  1. Marketing for your various offers and services

Pharmacists can use advertising spaces to market their offers to users of the Rubik Care platform, and pharmacists can send a notification to users of the services available in the pharmacy and it will reach all users of the platform.

  1. financial management

Rubik Care platform provides pharmacists with the ability to manage their multiple pharmacy branches using one account, where the pharmacist can calculate income and expenses and transfer funds between branches, which reduces the effort, and manage pharmacies through a mobile phone.

  1. Live System

Rubik Care platform provides a live service to the medical community, including pharmacists, to share their achievements and experiences.

Live System is an online healthcare community where all healthcare members, doctors, pharmacists and users, can interact with each other.



     Join now Rubik Care platform

If you are a member of the healthcare system in Egypt, you can now easily join the Rubik Care platform family to share success together.